Welcome to All Saints’ Episcopal Church

We are a welcoming community that seeks to follow Jesus Christ with all that we are and all that we have. Through worship, fellowship, education, and outreach we open ourselves to God and our neighbor.

Our Sunday worship services are at 8:00 AM and 10:00AM in the main church. Church School begins at 9:45 AM. There is also a staffed nursery at the 10 AM service. Wednesday worship at noon in the chapel.  10 Billerica Rd. Chelmsford Center. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith: we invite you to join us!


Sermon–January 7, 2018


1 Epiphany

January 7, 2018

William Bradbury

Genesis 1:1-5, Psalm 29, Acts 19:1-7, Mark 1:4-11

Paul shows up in Ephesus, a great port city on the Aegean Sea, and finds some followers of Jesus. He’s looking for transforming worship, but he doesn’t find it. Was the worship flat and boring? Was it precious and smarmy? Was it pompous and proud? Whatever it was, it forces Paul to ask an arresting question: “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you first believed?” But they answer: we never even heard of a holy Spirit”–which explains everything because only Holy Spirit creates in us the ability to worship in deep and healing ways.

So the question for any church is, how do we know if our worship is man-made or Spirit-led? Continue reading

Sermon–December 31, 2017


Christmas 1

December 31, 2017

William Bradbury

John 1:1-18

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

There is much speculation about what John means when he refers to the Word that was in the beginning with God, the Word that was God and that became flesh and lived among us. The simplest explanation is that John knows his Bible and is referring to a common phrase in the Old Testament, “the word of the Lord.” For instance, in Genesis 15:1 we read: “the word of the Lord came to Abraham in a vision” or in Jeremiah 1:2 we read: “The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah in the days of King Josiah”.  For John, the word of the Lord in the Old Testament becomes flesh and blood in Jesus of Nazareth. Continue reading

Sermon–Christmas Eve–2017


Christmas Eve

December 24, 2017

William Bradbury

Isaiah 9:2-7, Psalm 96, Titus 2:11-20, Luke 2:1-20

I’ve only been to Bethlehem once, in August 1973, the summer after I graduated from the University of Georgia. My girlfriend and I made the 6 mile walk from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and the 4th century Church of the Nativity. Now I only remember a few things: I remember the low doorway and the steps that go down to the cave where it is believed Jesus was born. On our way down I realized we’d have to wait because the grotto was filled with a bus load of Evangelicals from Ohio, listening to their preacher drone on and then they sang a carol. It struck me as somehow wrong—it made me angry that I had to wait on these people: loud American tourists dropping in on the holy sites, as if Israel were a Disney theme park. Continue reading

150th year celebration mosaics!

3 new 2017 mosaics are now hanging in the parish hall in celebration of All Saints’ 150th anniversary. Each of them consists of over 5000 individual images that were taken from all sorts of parish life events including services, parties, marriages, and fellowship events throughout the years.

I’m fairly certain that each of you can find yourself somewhere in them!  OK maybe you won’t be able to find yourself, b ut it’s very likely that YOU ARE THERE!


Steve Grillo