Welcome to All Saints’ Episcopal Church

  • All Saints' Church May 24 (photo: D. Shochat)

We are a welcoming community that seeks to follow Jesus Christ with all that we are and all that we have. Through worship, fellowship, education, and mission we open ourselves to God and our neighbor.

Our Sunday worship services during the summer are at 8:00 AM in the chapel and 9:30 AM in the church. There is a nursery at the main service but no Children’s Church School. Wednesday worship: noon in the chapel.  10 Billerica Rd. Chelmsford Center. Whoever you are, we invite you to join us.

Sermon–August 21, 2016


14 Pentecost—16-C

August 21, 2016

William Bradbury

Jeremiah 1:4-10, Psalm 71:1-6, Hebrews 12:18-29, Luke 13:10-17

When I was in Nicaragua in 2004 and 2005 the people of Managua were still talking about the 1972 earthquake that hit that city the night before Christmas Eve. 10,000 people were killed and 250,000 were homeless. One woman wrote that when they ran out of their homes that night the roads were moving in 4 foot waves. I hope to never have to experience such a mind-boggling, life threatening experience where that which is supposed to be stable and secure is moving violently, yet we have all experienced events in recent years that have profoundly upset us: for instance, we are coming up to the 15th anniversary of 9/11, which will fall on our first Sunday back from the summer. Continue reading

Music musings

In previous weeks, I have given some reasons to consider joining a church choir. Today, I will excerpt heavily from a 9/23/14 article by Jonathan Aigner that was included in a “Ponder Anew” blog. His article is entitled “9 Reasons to Keep the Church Choir Alive” and represents a lot of what we try to accomplish at All Saints’. Six of his reasons seem most relevant.

  • Choirs support good congregational singing. … A choir demonstrates that the voice of the congregation is primary, not secondary.
  • Their visual presence is an encouragement to the congregation. … We are there to be together, to worship God with each other, to be community.
  • Choirs make a broader repertoire available for a worship service.
  • They can offer more difficult and complex music than is possible for the greater congregation. Besides leading in times of corporate singing, since choirs have the benefit of outside rehearsal time, they can offer up musical praises on behalf of the congregation that would otherwise not be possible. In this sense, a choir can be a preaching and praying group, proclaiming God’s self-revelation, to which the congregation can listen, meditate, and respond worshipfully in their hearts.
  • Choirs help singers develop and improve their musical gifts. Christians are a singing people. … Giving children opportunities for choral education in the local church setting further primes congregations to be accepting and supportive of choral music.
  • Participation in choir ministry can be an avenue for introducing outsiders to the church and the Christian faith. I’ve known many, many people who have come into a church by way of a choral ensemble, have heard the gospel, and have responded with committing their life to Christ. Or, as was the case in my life, choirs can help keep people connected to the faith. I was all but ready to leave the organized church as a teenager, but a move to a new congregation and finding love and acceptance in the choir loft kept me engaged, and ultimately set the stage for me to recognize my calling into vocational church work.

Also important to keep in mind is that in striving to accomplish all of the above, we manage to have FUN in the process! The choirs are open and accepting groups, and new members are always welcome. Please speak to me at any time if you want to know more. The door is always open. Maggie Marshall, Minister of Music.

The Little Thrift Shop That Could!

Our own All Saints’ Thrift Shop has been chugging along steadily since the late 1950’s, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers. We are a clothing consignment store that raises funds to support the church and community projects. We will re-open on October 1, after an amazing renovation and update. The Thrift Shop is open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10am – 3pm. Do you have 2.5 hours/month to keep this important institution and community resource on the right track? Do you think you can, think you can, think you can join us? Most needed are Saturday volunteers and substitutes. If so, contact Maggie Marshall, maggie@ccc.com, for your ticket aboard this worthwhile and enjoyable venture.

Music updates for August

Music for this Sunday features a Bach Prelude in D minor, played by Bud Flumerfelt, and Valerie Cowart’s singing a Spiritual arranged by Moses Hogan – Give me Jesus. Familiar hymns and a short Bach piece for the closing voluntary will round out the service.

OUTDOOR SERVICE coming soon! Our annual outdoor service, ably led by musicians Matt Hickcox and Scott Bempkins, will be on August 21 at 9:30a.m.


MUSIC AT ALL SAINTS’: For decades, Thursday night has been music night at our church. Four rehearsals occur weekly between the hours of 6pm – 9:15pm. As I mentioned last week, there are plenty of singing opportunities available for those as young as first grade (or younger if able to read words) and all ages after that. This year, the HANDBELL CHOIR is also looking for a few new ringers. This dedicated group of volunteers, under the leadership of Debbie Psilopoulos, meets weekly from 6:30-7:30pm and plays regularly throughout the church season. The ability to read music is a plus, but not necessary. More important is a good sense of rhythm and the ability to count! It is also a good opportunity for a parent of someone in the B# choir since the rehearsal time with that group overlaps. Please speak to Debbie, me, or any other bell member if you are interested. Maggie Marshall, Minister of Music.

Church School Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2016

asc5After many months without a Church School Newsletter, our Spring/Summer edition has finely arrived!  Please click the link below for updates on all the events and activities going on in our church school program.  Our newsletter will now be seasonal instead of monthly, so be on the lookout for our Fall edition in September.  Have a blessed summer!

Spring-Summer 2016 Newsletter


Summer Worship Schedule

We have switched to our schedule of summer services for the summer. Our 8am service will be in the chapel, and our 9:30 service will be in the main church. The Worship Commission, for the past few years, has discussed the time of our second summer service, with arguments being made for keeping it at 10am, and for keeping it at our now traditional summer time of 9am. The commission felt that 9:30 would provide a win/win, so will gather your feedback in the fall.

E-bulletin contributions welcome!

E-bulletin contributions are welcome from everyone! This is YOUR publication, and the more news, the better. In addition to news from your group, the e-bulletin is also a great place to ask for volunteers. The weekly deadline is Wednesday noon, and articles can be sent to the church office.

Volunteer opportunities

Calling all volunteers! Perhaps one of your New Year’s “resolutions” or “intentions” is to become more involved at All Saints’. The good news is that we have all sorts of volunteer opportunities, big and small, awaiting you. Here are just a few that come to mind, and in no particular order:

  • Altar Guild member – these individuals work in teams to prepare the altar area for Sunday worship and special services. This is a behind-the-scenes job with flexible hours.
  • Chalice bearer – responsible for administering the chalice at weekly and special services
  • Thrift shop phone caller – responsible for calling volunteers to remind them of their upcoming weekly shifts. This is a behind-the-scenes job that has gone unfilled for the past year, and we have found that our volunteers need reminding.
  • Choir member – all parts welcome. Sopranos and tenors given the royal treatment. Altos and basses will be welcomed, but not fawned over.
  • Team leader for Eliot Church feeding program. Responsible for meal planning, shopping, and leading food preparation 4x/year.
  • Wolverhampton host family – short term commitment from February 12-18. Host wonderful British high schoolers and their adult chaperones for a week of memories that will last a lifetime. Get to know your All Saints’ family better as a result.

If any of these positions interest you, please speak to Bill Bradbury or Maggie Marshall and we will connect you with the right person.