Welcome to All Saints’ Episcopal Church

  • All Saints' Church May 24 (photo: D. Shochat)

We are a welcoming community that seeks to follow Jesus Christ with all that we are and all that we have. Through worship, fellowship, education, and mission we open ourselves to God and our neighbor.

Our Sunday worship is at 8:00 and 10:00 AM, with Children’s Church School at 9:45 AM. Wednesday worship: noon in the chapel.  10 Billerica Rd. Chelmsford Center. Whoever you are, we invite you to join us.

Sermon–May 29, 2016


2 Pentecost—Year C

May 29, 2016

William Bradbury

1 Kings 18:20-39, Psalm 96, Galatians 1:1-12, Luke 7:1-10

My hometown of Atlanta was known in the 1960’s as “the city too busy to hate” because, unlike a number of southern and northern cities, Atlanta had not had any race riots. That is not to say, however, that Atlanta didn’t have its share of problems that were fueled by people like Lester Maddox, the owner of the Pickrick Restaurant, who said he would not serve African Americans even after the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Maddox, who would actually become governor of Georgia, gained publicity by handing out ax handles to customers so they could keep three Black Georgia Tech students from being seated in his restaurant. In my house we used to call him Lester Mad-ax. Continue reading

Thrift Shop Bag Sale!

Thrift Shop ends its season next week with its famous bag sale, and we mean BIG bag sale – $5/bag. Come on by Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday from 10-3 (June 1,2,4)  and help us close out another successful season.

Music for May 29

Music for this Sunday will be provided by Cyndi and Mary Bliss and the Parish Choir. We are in the season of Ordinary Time – the season after Pentecost and up to Advent 1. Programming music becomes slightly more difficult, since there aren’t as many strong liturgical themes to follow. The converse is also true, though, that programming becomes freer since there aren’t as many constraints. The choir’s anthem, Cantate domino, takes its text from Psalm 96, which is our psalm for the day. Cyndi’s opening voluntary is also based on that psalm, and her daughter will be joining her on cello during communion.

Sermon–Trinity Sunday–May 22, 2016


Trinity Sunday

May 22, 2016

William Bradbury

Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31, Psalm 8, Romans 5:1-5, John 16:12-15

Although we think we live in a secular culture people still manage to toss around the word ‘god’ quite a bit, sometimes as a cuss word, sometimes as a plea or a thanks, sometimes as a statement of amazement or awe—which is turned into the initials OMG in social media. Yet, in each case there is no one defining or describing which god, so we are left with the question who is the god that is being talked about? Continue reading

Music for Trinity Sunday, May 22

This week’s music supports the fact that it is Trinity Sunday, which, according to churchyear.net, is one of the few celebrations of the Christian Year that commemorates a reality and doctrine rather than a person or event. On Trinity Sunday, Christians remember and honor the eternal God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Trinity Sunday is celebrated the Sunday after Pentecost, and lasts only one day, which is symbolic of the unity of the Trinity. There are a few Sundays each year where one can count on certain hymns. We always open with “I bind unto myself today,” also known as St. Patrick’s Breastplate. The original words are attributed to Saint Patrick and this poem is written in the style of a “druidic incantation for protection on a journey.” We sang verse 6 as a response to Bill’s sermon several weeks ago. This hymn is also unique because it consists of three different tunes in order to accommodate the variations in length and meter found in the poem. One more interesting fact about this hymn is that the translation we know is by Cecil Frances Alexander, Irish hymn-writer and poet, who also wrote the words to All things bright and beautiful, There is a green hill far away, and Once in Royal David’s City. The Disco Penguins will get “the win” for a Trinity-themed anthem. In their piece, you will hear the Trinitarian representation as Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer of life. Their piece is rhythmically challenging, with wonderful words. The opening and closing voluntaries are all based on the Lord’s Prayer chorale – Vater unser in himmelreich.


Summer Worship Schedule

We switch to our schedule of summer services on June 19. Our 8am service will be in the chapel, and our 9:30 service will be in the main church. The Worship Commission, for the past few years, has discussed the time of our second summer service, with arguments being made for keeping it at 10am, and for keeping it at our now traditional summer time of 9am. The commission felt that 9:30 would provide a win/win, so will gather your feedback in the fall.

Sermon–Living Stones–May 1, 2016


Easter 6—Year-C

May 1, 2016

William Bradbury

Acts 16:9-15, Psalm 67, Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5, John 14:23-29

In the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams”, Kevin Costner plays Ray Kinsella, a novice Iowa farmer who keeps hearing a voice telling him, “If you build it, they will come.” So finally in faithfulness to the voice, Ray plows under his corn and builds a baseball field, putting his family in financial jeopardy since they now can’t pay the mortgage on the farm. But it turns out this is no ordinary field, because from out of the corn beyond the outfield come baseball players from the 1920s to play ball. This field is a link between heaven and earth, a link that brings healing to Ray and others.   Continue reading