All Saints’ Christmas Pageant 2017

This year the Upper School Class made up of Aly Moore, Morgan Fosberry, Miranda Garrigan and Elizabeth Sandoval are designing the Christmas Pageant. We invite kids of all ages to get involved! Here are the categories of involvement and what they entail:


Speaking Roles:  While Narrators will have scripts in front of them, we are asking the kids who take on speaking roles to practice and try to memorize their lines. Because we can all forget a line in the heat of performance, lines and prompts will be available on props to assist. The Main Cast roles with lines are:

Angel Gabriel





Narrators (3)

Non-speaking Roles: These are main cast roles that have no lines, but cast members will be rehearsing the full pageant each Sunday and at dress rehearsal on Friday. These roles are:


Angel Posse (2) – they travel with Gabriel

scribe ( holds the book for first reading by Narrator)

Shepherd Posse (2)- they travel with the shepherd.

Star bits (they process into the church with the Star)

We ask that all members of the Main Cast make as many of the rehearsals as they can.


The supporting cast are all of our wonderful angels, animals and shepherds who join in to adore the baby Jesus. We will be holding storytime during rehearsals with our Supporting Cast during the Dec.3 & 10th rehearsals. On the 17th the Supporting Cast will be rehearsing with the Main Cast in the Sanctuary. They do not need to attend the dress. While we would love to see them at rehearsals, they are not required to come. They can participate in the service that night. Please still sign them up so we can confirm their costume and have it ready for them. Feel free to invite friends and relatives to join us in the pageant in this way!! The more the merrier!!


This is for older kids and adults who will fit costumes, move props, change scenery and work with logistics.  They will use rehearsal times to prepare.

Rehearsal Times, Dates and Locations: 

Sunday, Dec. 3rd: 11:30-12:15 MAIN CAST in the church, SUPPORTING CAST in the Nursery, STAGE CREW-meet in classroom #2.

Sunday, Dec. 10th: 11:30-12:15 MAIN CAST in the church, SUPPORTING CAST in the Nursery, STAGE CREW-meet in classroom #2.

Sunday, Dec. 17th: 11:30-12:30 (rehearsal may go long-TBD) MAIN CAST in the church, SUPPORTING CAST in the Church, STAGE CREW-meet in classroom #2.

Friday, Dec. 22nd: 4pm-5:30pm MAIN CAST in the church,  STAGE CREW in the church.

Christmas Eve Service: All MAIN CAST arrive in time to costume (3:30pm).

Script will be posted here ASAP.

Please fill out a form for each child that is interested in the Pageant. Thank you!

Pageant Registration 2017