Status Update – Parish Bylaws

Following our Special Parish Meeting on June 4 the proposed revision of the All Saints bylaws was sent to the diocesan Standing Committee for final approval. The Standing Committee met on June 8. After considering our proposed revision the committee chose to withhold its approval pending resolution of four separate concerns. The specifics of these concerns will be made available as soon as we receive a detailed written report from our diocesan consultant, the Rev. Andrew Stoessel, who is himself a member of the Standing Committee.

This is obviously a disappointment for us but it is by no means a serious setback. The Standing Committee’s four concerns are small and easily inserted into our draft revision without major disruption of the whole. We will make the required changes and resubmit the draft bylaws in time for the Sanding Committee’s next meeting in September. Following the presumed approval of the draft at that meeting, the revised bylaws will become effective pending another All Saints Special Parish Meeting either in late September or in October of this year.


Chris and Sally, Wardens

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