Religious Education

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 The Lower Church School

Preschool to Grade 6

Lower Church School classes take place every Sunday from 9:45 am to 10:45 am during the Program Year (September 11th to June 11th). Parents should plan on bringing their children to their respective classrooms 20 minutes before the 10:00 am service and having them brought back by their teachers part-way through the service (usually around The Peace). The Sundays when Church School is cancelled are the Sunday after Christmas, Easter Sunday, and the Sunday before Memorial Day.

The following are our 2016 – 2017 class offerings:

1. Colors of Christ (Age 3 – Kindergarten) — taught by Andie Bray, Skyla Garrigan, Grace Mescall, Emily Ward, and Emily Warren.  Meets in Room off Parish Hall.

For our youngest children, we offer a fun, high-energy class full of guitar sing-a-longs, beautiful felt stories from the Bible, liturgical crafts, and good, old-fashioned ball play. We seek to create a warm and loving environment in order to ease separation anxiety and make every child’s first Sunday School experience a success!

2. Godly Play (1st Grade – 3rd Grade) — taught by Vicki Albright, Laura Barry, Debbie Collins, Jen Dowd, and Katie LaRochelle. Meets in first half of downstairs Meeting Room.

The Godly Play curriculum, developed by Episcopal priest Jerome Berryman, is based on the assumption that all children have an innate knowledge of God. What they lack is the language to express that knowledge. In our Godly Play Classroom, we will present the sacred stories, parables, and liturgical actions of our Christian faith as a means to wonder about all things sacred. Godly Play is very hands-on and sensory-driven, which we find works well with our first through third graders.

3. The Weavers (4th Grade – 6th Grade) — taught by Deb Forsberg, Paige Flick, Dina Richert, and Joan Thomas. Meets in Cranberry Room.

This lively group of fourth, fiifth, and sixth graders meets Sunday mornings to consider the ways in which the stories of our faith connect us, weaving us together as members of God’s family. The curriculum we are using is called Weaving God’s Promises. We’ll explore stories from the bible and connect those stories to our own faith journey as well as to our world today.

The Upper Church School

Grade 7 to Grade 12

Rite-13 classes take place every Sunday during the program year (September 11th to June 11th) with the exception of the Sunday after Christmas, Easter Sunday, and the Sunday before Memorial Day.  Children are invited to sit with their classmates in the front left pews during the service and will exit with the group immediately following Communion to begin the classroom portion, which will run until noon.  J2A and Young Adults in Church (YAC) vary in schedule.  J2A typically meets twice a month on Sunday evenings.  YAC meets occasionally throughout the year.

The following are our 2016 – 2017 class offerings:

4. Rite-13 (7th and 8th Grade) — taught by Sean Seyffert, Debbie Psilopoulos, and Karen Garrigan. Meets in second small classroom downstairs.

Rite-13 is the first part of a four-year “Journey to Adulthood.” This group meets to learn about and discuss the Christian faith, as well as to plan service projects in the community. A new group of “pilgrims” starts this program every other year and the group stays together throughout their four-year “pilgrimage.” When members of the group turn 13, they are celebrated as a group in a “Rite-13, Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood” ceremony during Sunday worship.

5. J2A (9th and 10th Grade) — taught by Laura Marshall and Andrew Orndorff. Meets twice monthly on Sunday evenings.

J2A is the second part of a four-year “Journey to Adulthood.” At this stage, the teens begin to take more responsibility for the running of the class and planning of service projects. At the end of the journey, the group will take a pilgrimage trip together in order to deepen their relationships with one another and their Christian faith.

YAC (Grades 11 & up) — taught by Denise Seyffert.  Schedule varies.

YAC stands for “Young Adults in Church” and is the final step in our curriculum of “Journey to Adulthood.”  YAC encourages older youth to take on adult responsibilities in all aspects of parish life and the community.  They are challenged to become good stewards of their time and talents. Mentored by adult advisers, the YAC members are guided to continue in their journey of faith.

Church School Newsletter – Spring/Summer 2016

asc5After many months without a Church School Newsletter, our Spring/Summer edition has finely arrived!  Please click the link below for updates on all the events and activities going on in our church school program.  Our newsletter will now be seasonal instead of monthly, so be on the lookout for our Fall edition in September.  Have a blessed summer!

Spring-Summer 2016 Newsletter


Lenten Pretzel Making — Sunday, February 14th

pretzeljpgThe Church School classes will be participating in Lenten Pretzel Making on Sunday, February 14th, at 9:45 in the Parish Hall.  We cannot wait for everyone to try our delicious pretzels during coffee hour!  If you would like to help, we would love for you to make some pretzel dough for us!  You can use any recipe you’d like, but here’s a fairly simple one to try.  Thanks so much for your help!

December 2015 Church School Newsletter

asc5This Advent season has been a busy, joyful, bustling time for our Church School groups! Between Advent wreath making, creating raffle baskets for the Holiday Fair, and preparing for our annual Christmas Pageant, we’ve also taken time to focus on the joy and promise this wonderful season brings!   Check out our December Newsletter below to read about all that we have been doing this month.

Dec 2015 Newsletter