Easter Letter 2014

Friends in Christ,

As Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Day approach (along with moderate weather!) we once again enter the Mystery of Salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

It has been pointed out that the only ones who were visited by the Risen Christ were those who had been through the utter destruction of all hope at his crucifixion.

This is the Way of the Cross. There is no helicopter ride over Good Friday to Easter. They are two sides of one event: the saving action of God in Christ. So if we want to know the Risen Lord we must also know the Crucified Lord, for they are one and the same.

Of course it is most people’s habit to attend church on the Day of Resurrection and not attend on Good Friday. Yet, each of us, those who attend every Sunday and those who don’t, know the pain and heartbreak of lives lost, plans destroyed, and sins committed. We all know, if we’re honest, the failure in our lives and how sometimes we can feel so lost.

Jesus dies on the cross precisely to join with us in our loss as a sign that God is with us, for surely it is God who is crucified.

This Holy Season I invite you to bring your whole life before the Lord. Offer your failings and your fears, your sins and your celebrations to the Crucified and Risen Lord who gives us Eternal Life here, now, and forever.

As you are able, join with your community of faith in walking the Way of the Cross so that you may know the power of the resurrection.

Christ calls us into this fellowship of New Life so we may share one another’s burdens and work to bring the Kingdom of God to every person on the planet, and to the planet itself which is also suffering.

We lose our lives and in Christ we find them transformed by God’s suffering Love.

Below is the schedule of services as we walk with our Lord and Savior.

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Peace in Christ,
Bill Bradbury