A New Day?

ASC_reflections_on_the_wayFriends in Christ,

I wonder:

What if I were to start each day as if it were fresh and new?

What if today were not being run by yesterday?

What if my grief and regret, as well as my success and praise, were left behind in the past? Not forgotten, like someone with Alzheimer’s, but empty of the power to inject their poison into my system. Certainly they’ve had their impact on my life and will continue to run in my unconscious until the LORD decides I am ready for a deeper healing, but what if in my conscious awareness I were done with these things, so that I looked at this day through a new clear lens and not the old scratched one I’ve been using for years?

What if, as I climb out of unconsciousness each morning, I step into the day like a young child?  Like every day were the eight day, perhaps?

Is this what the resurrection does? Does it cover our past with the acceptance and mercy of Christ, so we are free to live today as it is?

Can resurrection awaken me to a presence outside myself that plays in my life, stepping between me and the Story of Me? Can resurrection rivet my attention to Now? Can Christ make that happen?

Can I live this day “as if” I have been born again?

I’m not asking to have my mind wiped of the past, because I know the actions I took yesterday have consequences today. Rather, I’m asking to let go of my interpretation of what happened.

What if I am not qualified to interpret my life? On one hand, I’m sure I’m blind to suffering I’ve caused, so I will judge some things too lightly, while, on the other hand, I’m sure I judge some things too harshly, as if I were the only actor, the only cause of everything.

When the past arises in my mind could I let it float through without having to attach my old interpretations to it?  Could I also treat people today as if we hadn’t hurt or bored each other yesterday?

To live “according to the flesh”, as St Paul says, is to be run by the past, as if God were not.

To live “according to the Spirit” is to be run by the present where God is.

What if I were to live this day fresh and new?

As if, as we sang Sunday, “Morning has broken, like the first morning…God’s recreation of the new day!”

  Blessings on The Way,