St Paul’s Feeding Program – Eliot Church

All Saints currently has a couple opportunities to join this very rewarding ministry which feeds our neighbors on the second Wednesday of each month. And while the personal commitment is rather small the impact of this ministry is significant. The first opportunity would be to join one of our feeding teams which provides and serves a meal just three times a year. And while we are blessed with fairly well staffed teams there is currently the need for a few more team members. The second opportunity would be to help us build a “substitute List” as occasionally thing come up and team members are unable to help out on their scheduled date leaving their team shorthanded. St Paul’s has been feeding on average over 100 people each day so having a full team is imperative to each teams ability to complete this task. It is vital that we have enough help each month as there are so many people counting on All Saints to feed the people on our scheduled Wednesdays. Having a list of people in reserve would be a great blessing to team leaders and everyone involved. If you are interested in this mission or if you have any question at all please feel free to speak to or contact either Linda Masiello or Deb Dutton