All Saints’ Receives Diocesan Green Grant

All Saints’ was recently awarded a Green Grant from the diocese for $10,000.  This money will be used to replace our main sanctuary furnace with a new, high-efficiency furnace and to install “smart”, internet-connected thermostats throughout our buildings.  Our current sanctuary furnace was installed in 1960 when the main sanctuary was built.  It is highly inefficient, well beyond its recommended replacement date, and impossible to buy parts for.  Details need to be worked out, and additional funds found, to move forward with this project, but we hope to have the new furnace installed by September.  The new thermostats will be installed later in the year.

Our Creation Care Team estimates that the new furnace and thermostats, along with greater control of our heating schedule, will save the parish as much as $1800 per year in heating costs.  In addition, we will be lowering our carbon footprint and reducing our emissions.  Thanks to our Creation Care Team for putting together the grant application that led to this award.  This team is composed of David Shochat, Nico Charbonnier, Matt Hickcox, Melanie Hickcox and Dave Kuzara.