Fall Bible Study Group

Lord Teach Us to Pray
An In-depth look at the Lord’s Prayer
A prayer of hope, of love, of peace!

dove_handsExplore with us the key phrases of this treasure of faith — our best guide to biblical spirituality!

Come join us for this 6 week Course to discuss the Lord’s Prayer and its meaning and place in our spiritual lives.
All are invited to learn more about this program and to commit to active participation. The more people who join us in a spirit of adventure, the more discoveries we will make together.

The curriculum comes from a study guide published by Kerygma and consists of 6 sessions. We will meet on most Wednesday evenings starting October 21. Between meetings we will work individually (estimated 1-2 hours per week), and on Wednesdays through fellowship, discussion and focused activities we will see together what new things can be mined from this text.

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Lynne Grillo, using the Contact Us form, selecting Bible Study from the “To be contacted” menu. We will also have a sign-up and be able to answer further questions in person after the Sunday services so watch for the sign up sheet at coffe hour!

For more information please see: Chris Mills, Lynne Grillo, Katy Belanger, Linda Masiello, Madeline or Beth Anderson-Balmer. We look forward to working together with a great group truly interested in exploring this wonderful prayer so often used, but so infrequently pondered.