Parking reminder

Access is a key part of our inclusion and welcoming at All Saints’.
With winter weather upon us, we’d like to remind parishioners of our handicapped parking opportunities. This is especially important in bad weather, but it applies all year.
There are several marked handicapped spots near the handicapped ramp and also by the parish hall and office entrances. Please remember that these parking spots are intended for people who need close access when they come to church. NO handicapped placard or license plate is required. (All Saints’ is private property, the police will not tow.) If you need it, please use it. Likewise, if you don’t need it, please leave it free for someone who does.
Additionally, we recommend that the hill in front of the church be used for parking by those who need closer access. For example, those that find it difficult to climb the hill from the parking lot. We appreciate your consideration for one another each week.