Thrift Shop Recognition

Thrift Shop recognition Sunday is this Sunday, November 3. We will be giving thanks for all the saints who have gone before us, and it seemed fitting to also acknowledge those “saints” who are “just folk like me” for over 50 years of volunteerism. We hope that many of you will wander over to the Grotto to see the display of Thrift Shop and Guild memorabilia during Sunday’s fellowship hour. 

The original intent of the Thrift Shop was to be able to support the youth of the church, and many worthy projects have been supported over the years. The Thrift Shop Board, over time, broadened its scope, and the giving for the past five years is indicative of its focus. Since All Saints’ has a long-term history of serving food to those in need, that became an initiative, so Food for Friends received $6,800 in support in the past five years, and the B-Safe program received $2,300. Both of these programs are ongoing, and will be looking for alternative means of support. Over this same five year period, the Thrift Shop contributed $16,500 to the church’s general fund, and $3,300 to the Rector’s Discretionary fund.

In addition to these gifts, the Thrift Shop Board focused on making its interior safe, warm, and dry, so infrastructure improvements included partially funding the new, energy efficient furnace, drainage around the building that kept water out, and new walls, carpeting, and paint. Much of this work was accomplished through the tireless work of Frank Ouellette, and Norm Douglas. More recently, Dave Kuzara spearheaded the repainting of the interior, so we are ready for business as the Grotto.

At its last board meeting, members decided to honor the original intent of the Thrift Shop by giving all remaining funds to benefit the church youth. Thrift Shop bookkeeper Amy Hunter closed out the account by writing two checks to the church to go into restricted accounts. The acolytes are receiving $500. and the Church School is receiving $3,530, with funds being disbursed by the Church School Council.

We are grateful to the Thrift Shop founders who had the patience and vision to make the shop a reality, and to the scores of volunteers who ran “the little Thrift Shop that could” for over fifty years!