Empty Tomb Easter Pageant for Kids

The Empty Tomb Pageant : a Filmed Play for the Easter Vigil Service

The Story

This pageant will tell the story of Mary Magdalene and her friends visiting the tomb on Easter morning, intent on performing burial rites, only to find the rock rolled back. She runs to get Simon Peter and John. The two disciples witness the empty tomb and return to their homes. Mary stays, crying. When Mary looks in the tomb she sees two angels in white. When she asks them where Jesus is, they tell her, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Then Mary turns to see a man she mistakes for a gardener, but he is Jesus, and when he says her name, she recognizes him.

The Pageant Plan: Filming the Tomb Scene

Our plan is to film the scene at the tomb with the 6 actors (Mary M. + the Disciples Simon Peter and John+2 angels + Jesus) all masked and socially distanced at the Chelmsford Lime Quarry on Sunday, March 21st in the afternoon. Since the kids will be masked, we will also ask that they join a zoom meeting to record the audio for the scene on a date prior to the filming.

Easter Angel Dancers

We will also have a simple, choreographed dance for all who would like to be an Easter Dancing Angel. The dance will also be filmed together- masked and socially distanced- at All Saints’ Church with the dancers framed in the cloisters (see photo). This filming will also be on Saturday , March 21st…time TBD.

Narrators and Alleluia Kids

The pageant will need narrators to read parts of the pageant. Narrators will record themselves reading at home. 

We invite EVERY CHILD to dress up in their Easter celebration clothes- whatever that looks like in your family- and join the end of the video saying “Alleluia” or “He is Risen.” These videos can be made at your convenience and emailed to us prior to March 22nd.