The Stations of the Cross at All Saints 2021

A Prayer Walk Around the Outside of the Parish

The prayers and readings for each station can be found in a booklet that is available in the Cloisters. Or, you can use the audio files we have created to take a “guided” tour of the prayer stations. You can access the files from your data phone by visiting this site and clicking on this button.

This year at All Saints’ we are using The Way of the Cross to pray the Stations of the Cross during Holy Week. Ten Stations have been set up outside of the church buildings, in an easy walk around. At each Station there is a “meditation box” that has been created by a parishioner for you to look at as you pray.

You can also pray the Stations at home, using these audio files. We hope these Stations of the Cross help you to enter into the mystery of Holy Week and Easter.

If you would like a copy of the booklet, you can download the pdf here:

If you do visit the Stations at the church we ask that you wear a mask and practice safe social distancing. Thank you.