The Rev. Dr. Paul Kolbet

The Rev. Dr. Paul Kolbet was ordained to the priesthood in 1996 and has since served several congregations in the Dioceses of Northern Indiana and Massachusetts. Prior to coming to...

Dr. Carl D. Nelson Klein

Dr. Carl Klein has been a Choirmaster and Organist in the Episcopal Church for over 35 years. He began at All Saints’ in the Summer of 2020. He conducts the...

Margie Dissinger

Margie Dissinger moved to Massachusetts in 2007 from Texas. Originally from Pennsylvania, she and her husband, Glenn, have lived in Louisiana, Texas and Minnesota before moving to Chelmsford. She has...

Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall is both a parishioner and staff member at All Saints. As a parishioner, she has been here since 1999 and has volunteered in many roles, in particular as...

Officers and the Vestry

Junior Warden Benton Burgess
Treasurer Cynthia Bennett
Clerk Tricia Mescall
Vestry – term ending 2022 Joan Thomas
David Weller-Fahy
Holly Swan
Vestry – term ending 2023 Sean Conklin
Kate Blount
Roze Felzani
Vestry – term ending 2024 Rob Strain
Rohini Pola
Marcia Herlihy

Delegates – one year term

Venue Representative
Diocesan Convention Dave Kuzara
Lynne McSheehy
Alternates – Laura Marshall
Merrimack Valley Deanery Joan Thomas
Dan Wilson
Andrew Barry

Endowment Committee

Role Representative
Chair Steve Marshall
Member Jocelyn Bishop
Connie Pawelczak
Benton Burgess
David Cahill

Nominating Committee

Brian Hunter, Laura Barry, Jen Dowd
Danielle Wigmore, Dave Weller-Fahy
Holly Swan