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Church School Notices for the Week of February 18th

Church School Notices:
All classes will meet at their regularly scheduled times and places.
Please note: we have a LOT going in the next few weeks- come to the Pancake Supper hosted by our 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th graders- Tuesday, March 5th. See the flyer for more details. Pretzel making is on March 10th- please help out with some dough. Thank you!

No Church School Sunday, January 20th

Dear Friends-

Due to the fairly solid prediction that there will be a significant storm during church school hours this Sunday, I am officially cancelling Church School. There will be no programing offered.

Please know that children are always welcomed in the service, if you are planning on attending. We have “quiet” activity bags for the kids located in the Coat Closet near the Nursery to help occupy the littler ones during the service, if that is of any help. 😉
Have a safe and snug weekend!