Below are photos of the class locations, with a brief description of the curriculum, the time they meet, and their Classroom Leaders. They are listed in the order they happen on Sundays. The Lower School (grades pre-K to 6th) begin their time in the Children’s Chapel. The Upper School (grades 7-10) attends the 10am worship service in the main church, and meets for Church School after the service.


Children’s Chapel Service

Who: All kids pre-K to 6th grade

When: Doors open at 9:45am/ Bells are rung at 9:45/ Service starts at 10am. Runs to 10:15.

Where: Located in the All Saints’ Chapel, Entrance on the front drive.

Leaders: Laura Marshall, Katie LaRochelle, Laurie Bestvater, and the kids.

Content: The service will include music, scripture, reflections on the scripture, prayer and an offering of Holy Communion or blessing for all who attend. Kids will be encouraged to participate in the leading of the service. Bell ringers need to be there ready to ring at 9:45am.

The Discover Class

Who: Kids who are toddlers to pre-K

When: Class will be from 10:15-11:10am

Where: In the Grotto- the classroom under the Chapel where the bright red door is.

Leaders: Meghan Wynne, Jayden LaRochelle, Adam Weller-Fahy, Kerry Gauvin

Content: This is a gentle, fun introduction to church school community. Creative play rules the day. Kids gather for song, story and prayer.

The Explorer Class

Who: Kids Kindergarten-2nd grade

When: Class will be from 10:15-11:10am

Where: The Downstairs Meeting Room under the Main Sanctuary

Leaders: Mirna Cunha, Aly Moore, Rachel Moore, Addie Collins, Maya Barry, Ginny Bevington

Content: Using the felt stories of the Bible from Gretchen Wolff Pritchard’s curriculum “Beulahland” this class introduces the stories of the bible and invites kids to explore them through crafts and arts.

The Wonder Class

Who: Kids in 3rd & 4th Grade

When: Class will be from 10:15-11:10am

Where: In the classroom off the Parish Hall

Leaders: Katie LaRochelle, Laura Barry, Jen Dowd, Kaitlyn Conklin, Rose Felzani, Larisa Ducharme, Stacy Herlihy

Content: Using the Godly Play Curriculum, this class goes deeper into the stories of the bible and our traditions in the Episcopal Church. Using beautiful materials and wondering questions, children share their faith in this loving community.

The Weavers Class

Who: Kids in 5th & 6th Grade

When: Class will be from 10:15-11:10am

Where: In the Cranberry Room at the top of the stairs in the Atrium (by the Church Admin. Office)

Leaders: Emily Strunk, Stephanie Kelly & Rohini Pola

Content: Using the Faith Weavers Curriculum, this class starts looking at how the stories of the bible and our faith in God weaves into our everyday life in the world. They also start exploring how they can work together to do service in their community.


The Connect Class

Who: Youth in graders 7th & 8th

When: Class begins after the 10am service ( around 11:20) and ends at noon.

Where: The Cranberry Room located at the top of the stairs in the Atrium (the area outside of the Church Admin Office)

Leaders: Joan Thomas, Dan Wilson and Christy Weller-Fahy

Content: Using the J2A curriculum, this class focuses on the student’s experience of God in their lives and encourages them to reflect and share how God connects them to each other and the world.

The Confirmation and Youth Class

Who: High School youth

When: After the 10am service (around 11:20) until 12:20. Class will sometimes let out at noon.

Where: In the Grotto under the Chapel

Leaders: Deb Forsberg, Debbie Psilopoulos, Andrew Barry, Rev. Paul Kolbet

Content: Using a curriculum developed by Deb Forsberg. The 2021 All Saints Confirmation Plan follows a unique arc due to the timing of the diocesan confirmation retreat, the diocesan deanery confirmation date, and the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 Pandemic.    In response to this unusual timing, we have developed a confirmation plan for 2021 that accommodates the scheduling criteria and offers our confirmands a rich program experience centered on three primary themes: 

  • Building upon the foundation of their church school experiences and connections
  • Exploring the meaning of confirmation in the Episcopal Church and at All Saints in particular
  • Establishing a youth group to foster community and ongoing faith development for our youth at All Saints

Not all youth in the class are working towards confirmation. They are a caring community that supports each other in their own journeys of faith.