Connecting with God’s Creation is as simple as walking out the door and paying attention to the beauty around us.  Getting out of the busyness of life with a walk in the woods is even more connecting.  Here’s a wonderful list of places that are just a few minutes away where you can wander through the trees and watch the streams or go searching for wildlife.  **Notes provided by the LaRochelle Family

If you travel somewhere new that you want to add to this list – send it along with your rating!

Hiking Path Town Rating Notes
Faun Lake Bedford ***** LOVED this one; saw LOTS of wildlife – turtles, water snakes
Cranberry Bog Carlisle **** Lots of dog poop [map]
Bartlett Woodlot Chelmsford ***** Very short; waterfall
Roberts Field Woods Chelmsford **** Short but fun.  Trail is in the wildlife sanctuary next to the field.  Friendship Park children’s playground is also here.
Crooked Spring Reservation Chelmsford ***** One of our favorites! [map]
Lime Kiln Quarry Chelmsford **** Love this hike [map]
Storywalk at Sunny Meadow Farm Chelmsford *** Nature walk with a story. Storywalk is behind the community garden
Thanksgiving Forest Reservation Chelmsford **** Can be a short or long walk; lots of rocks to climb; connects to Carlisle State Park  [history]
Bill Edge Deep Brook Reservation Chelmsford **** [map]
Danforth Falls Hudson   [map]
Nashoba Wetlands Littleton *** Nice, VERY short walk
Nashoba Woodlands (Yapp Conservation Land) Littleton **** Very muddy – kids loved it; saw ducks, geese, and a garter snake; path leads down to Long Lake across from the public beach
White Tail Woods Littleton ***** Great walk; well marked; no wildlife except birds; has some Munzee scavenger hunt spots
Long Lake Park (main loop) Littleton ***** LOVED this one; lots of mud; tons of birds but no other wildlife; really well marked [map]
Cloverdale Conservation Land Littleton ****
VERY muddy – tons of birds – lots of boardwalks over some wet places – pretty – short and easy – close to Great Road so a bit loud on one side of the loop
Sarah Doublet Forest Littleton **** 1.75 miles of pretty forest hiking – mud to jump over – huge rocks to climb – no wildlife but birds – well marked
Prouty Woods Littleton ***** LOVED this one! Water and woods!
Stone Arch Westford ***** Great walk; very busy though; connects to other Westford Conservation Trust sites
Abbott Trail Westford *** Short, not that much to see. Trail starts at Abbott elementary School.
Stony Brook (East Boston Camps) Westford ***** Loved it! Lots of nature and fun stuff to see
Cider Mill Westford **** Waterfall; lots of big rocks to sit on; ruins of the mill; lots of ticks
Peace Trail Westford ***** LOVED this one; part of the path is washed out so you can’t go the whole way; saw a big northern water snake & beaver!!!
Beaver Brook Westford ***** LOVED this one, although it was also washed out and cut off; saw a beaver!!!
Mystery Spring Westford *** Short; not much to see
Lakeside Meadows Westford ***** LOVED this one; saw a swan, turtles, fish; built a turtle house; skipped rocks in the lake
Nashoba Brook Watershed Westford *****
Muddy – kids loved it; great paths to walk but NOT well marked; rock skipping; ENORMOUS and connected to a MA Audubon Society reservation; no wildlife except birds
Grassy Pond Westford ***** Lots of frogs and one snake; short, easy walk with fitness “stations” along the path; well marked

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