For parishioners at All Saints’ Episcopal Church desiring prayer for themselves or others during the pandemic:
Dear All Saints’ Friends,
Our interim rector Paul Kolbet wrote in his letter calling all helpers, “We are community of prayer. The prayer requests are already mounting and as important as our weekly prayers of the people are, we are committing to praying daily for our members and those they love who are affected by this crisis.”
Send your prayer requests and it will be the joy and privilege of our prayer group to pray for your requests!
The purpose of our prayer group is to provide spiritual support and healing for parishioners, their family and friends, as well as for our wider community. All prayer requests are kept confidential within our prayer group. Your prayer request will be included in the daily prayers of our members for four weeks.
Again, all information will be kept strictly confidential. If you wish your request to be included (also or only) in the Sunday Prayers of the People or if you are seeking pastoral support, please contact the parish office.
To request daily prayer for a concern, please email the prayer group here by selecting ‘Prayer Request’.  In the message please include the following information:
  • NAME: (of person(s) to pray for)
  • RELATIONSHIP: (your relationship to them)
  • ILLNESS/DEATH/SPECIAL INTENTION: (What are we praying for?)
And please email HERE to share answers to prayer requests! We welcome good news!
Thank you from the prayer ministry group for this chance to serve the All Saints’ community.
In peace,
Amy Hunter
Prayer Ministry Group Coordinator