Program Job Description – Thrift Shop

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All Saints Thrift Shop


The Thrift Shop is a volunteer run endeavor that provides for the community in a variety of ways selling gently used, clean clothing at a significantly reduced and affordable price.

Vestry Contact:

Linda Cahill


Co-Chair Laura Marshall 978-256-1460
Co-Chair Becky Malone 978-256-8284
Treasurer Maggie Marshall 978-251-1296
Board Members,
Thrift Shop Staff



Responsible for scheduling and running board meetings and for communicating to the church and the wider community.


Responsible for keeping the books, writing the consignor checks, and the gifts as determined by the board. Makes twice yearly report to the board.

Board Members

Made up of invited volunteer Thrift Shop members who perform the following jobs:

  • Scheduler/Volunteer Coordinator who recruits volunteers, makes the schedule, and disseminates shop information to all volunteers
  • Purchaser who monitors and replenishes shop supplies
  • Poster who takes the sold tickets and posts the sales on the consignors sheets
  • Sales and Bagging person who posts and organizes the monthly sales and the removal of older clothes from the shop
  • Phone Reminder is the person who calls all the volunteers for week to remind them of their shift
  • the Clerk takes and produces notes from the Thrift Shop Board Meetings
  • the Sexton manages the shop’s needs- from cleaning to more intensive work like painting and repairs
  • the Keeper of the keys tracks and manages the many keys our volunteers need to run the shop
  • Pricer who prices all the merchandise

Thrift Shop Staff

Over 30 shop volunteers staff the Thrift Shop Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10am-3pm handling sales and clothes drop offs.


September – Early June

Open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10am-3pm.

December and June

Board meetings held to discuss issues and disperse monetary gifts.



Useful Info:

The Thrift Shop sells gently used, clean clothing at a significantly reduced and affordable price. We often donate clothing to individuals and programs as requested. We use the funds generated from the sales (minus the consignors due) to support the youth programs at All Saints, the physical building of All Saints, and the community non-profits in the Chelmsford and Greater Lowell area. In the past few years we have focused our giving on feeding programs, but the giving decisions are made by the board at two annual meetings, and we are open to requests. We donate all unsold items in the shop to other clothing resellers- like Savers, Goodwill, etc. continuing the reuse/recycle path for the clothes.