Welcome to the Job Descriptions page:

This page is primarily a resource for the members of the various groups and committees at All Saints’.

Each group has a job description which lists the current members of the group and describes the function, responsibilities and other useful information about that group.  The purpose of the job description page is to collect knowledge about that group and to remind the group members when certain annual actions should take place.  It also serves as an introduction to the group for new and prospective group members. Links to each job description are listed below.

Each group has a member of the vestry (called their vestry contact) who advises the group and reports on the groups activities to the vestry. It is the responsibility of the vestry contact to ensure that the job description page of that group is kept up to date. Persons updating a job description page or creating a new one should consult the how to page.  Anyone who needs help should send an email asking for assistance to the webmaster using the Contact Us page.

Job Descriptions:

Acolyte Master

Advent Wreath

Chelmsford Community Exchange

Environmental Stewardship

Feeding Program

Finance Committee

Parish Life

Property Rental



Worship Commission