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Food for Friends Feeding Program


Feeding homeless in the greater Chelmsford area at Eliot Presbyterian Church, Lowell MA

Vestry Contact:


Feeding Program Coordinators Linda Masiello & Deb Dutton
Team Leaders Carol Cannistraro
Edith Parekh
Maggie Marshall



  • Makes sure each team leader has a list of requirements as given by Rose Bronc, Feeding Program manager at Eliot Presbyterian Church, Lowell, where we serve
  • Replaces anyone who leaves a team.
  • Keeps a list of all members of each team.
  • Attends or assigns someone to attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors held at Eliot Church. Melanie Hickcox is currently volunteering to attend.
  • Send, at the beginning of the new year, a list of all team members to each team leader including the months for which they are responsible.
  • Keep track of all finances. Most of our funding comes from the Thrift Shop. The Penny Basket and Can Returns also are given for the feeding program.
  • Prepares Annual Report

Team Leader

  • Responsible for the menu on their team’s particular day.
  • Responsible for shopping for the food or assigning someone to do it.
  • Supervise the preparation of the meal.
  • Make sure there are enough people to help with serving the meal.

Team Member

Assist in buying, preparation, transporting food to Eliot Church, and serving.


Each Month

On 2nd Tuesdays, serve food at All Saints at Eliot Presbyterian Church, Lowell, MA

January 1

Distribute a list of all team members to each team leader including the months for which they are responsible

January 7

Submit Annual Report

February 1

Review job description and update if needed



Useful Info:

There are currently 4 teams, each team serving 3 times a year. Individual teams decide on the menu, prepare the food at All Saints, and deliver and serve at Eliot Church on their appointed day. Serving is at 5pm and we are usually finished and cleaned up by 6pm.