All Saints’ Kids Christmas Pageant

The Christmas Pageant at All Saints’ is a joyful celebration of the birth of Jesus. All kids are encouraged to join us. The Pageant is part of the liturgy at the 4pm service on Christmas Eve. Here are the options to participate, in order of time commitment:

  • “Drop In” Animal or Angel : this is for any child who shows up that night and wants to join us. We have extra animal costumes and angel wings in the classroom below the Narthex. Kids come forward to watch and join us at the start of the pageant. No rehearsals.
  • “Registered” Animals, Angels and non-speaking Shepherds: These kids will perform a short song and procession with flameless candles at the start of the pageant. They then join in to celebrate the birth of Jesus when called forward. 20 minutes rehearsal on Sundays.
  • Dancing Angels- all of the perks of other angels, along with a simple choreographed dance. Because of the dance, Dancing Angels have Full Rehearsals.
  • “Supporting Actors”- these roles are for kids who want to be part of the main story but do not want lines; ex. Silent Shepherd. I can create roles for any child who would like to do this. Supporting Actors need to commit to full rehearsal and learning the stage direction. Full Rehearsal.
  • Actors: these are roles with lines. We encourage kids to memorize their lines, though they are given props with their lines to support their participation. Full Rehearsal. Currently, this is the list of Roles with Lines:
    • Narrators, Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, Gabriel’s Angel Posse, Elizabeth, Inn Keeper, Inn Keeper’s Assistant, Shepherds, the traveling Donkey(no lines)
  • Stage Crew: Stage crew develops sets, costumes and props, designs lighting, and runs the Pageant that night in terms of set up and break down. Works in tandem with Music Director. Full Rehearsals.
  • Leadership: these are roles for our older youth who would like to work with the kids to bring the Pageant to life. All Leadership youth should contact Laura Marshall about the role they would like to take in the Pageant.

Please don’t be worried by this detailed description- we keep the Pageant well-organized and are always supportive and emphasize the fun. It is great if you can make all the rehearsals, but don’t worry if you can’t- it is not a requirement. Rehearsal details will come out the last week of November, but in general they are every Sunday in December after the 10am service until noon. Please sign up and let me know how you’d like to join in!