The 2015 Lenten Program will take place during the month of March. We will be reading the book, Across All Worlds; Jesus Inside Our Darkness, by C. Baxter Kruger. We are asking participants to engage in daily reflections and a weekly class.

The daily reflection can be in the form best suited to you- writing, making art, playing music- we will be using the book as well as readings from the Bible to guide our reflections. As a Lenten Practice, the emphasis is on consciously attempting to take the time each day- but there is no test and like all new practices, it can take time to get the hang of it. The class times will be structured to support our ongoing work.  All are invited to join us!

The weekly class will meet on Wednesdays in the Cranberry Room at All Saints. We will gather for tea and chat at 6:45pm, with the class time running from 7 pm – 8 pm.

Walk with us….