All Saints’ Church School Programs

Our Church School for the Program Year (Sept-June) 2019-2020

 The Lower Church School:  The Mystery of Christ: Discover, Explore, & Wonder

Ages pre-K to 4th grade

Lower Church School classes take place every Sunday from 9:45 am to 10:45 am during the Program Year.  Parents should plan on bringing their children to their respective classrooms 20 minutes before the 10:00 am service and having them brought back by their teachers part-way through the service (usually around The Peace).

The Discover Class (Age 3 – 5) — taught by  Meghan Wynne.  The class gathers in the meeting room the below the Sanctuary and proceeds to the Parish Hall for singing, play and story. We seek to create a warm and loving environment in order to ease separation anxiety and make every child’s first Sunday School experience a success!

The Explore Class (K-2nd grade)– taught by Skyla Garrigan and Aly Moore. The class will gather and stay in the meeting room below the Sanctuary

For our school-aged youngsters  we offer a fun, high-energy class full of sing-a-longs, felt stories from the Bible, prayer and crafts. We seek to explore God’s love in our lives.

The Wonder Class (3rd & 4th Grade) — taught by  Laura Barry, Debbie Collins, Katelyn Conklin, Jen Dowd, Rose Felzani, Larisa Ducharme, Mirna Cunha and Katie LaRochelle. Meets in the room off the Parish Hall.

Using the Godly Play curriculum and a brand NEW Lego curriculum, we will present the sacred stories, parables, and liturgical actions of our Christian faith as a means to wonder about all things sacred. Godly Play is very hands-on and sensory-driven which we find works well with our third and fourth graders. The LEGO curriculum encourages kids to build and create the stories they are hearing, further expanding their connections to God’s word.

The Upper Church School: Christ In Action: Weave, Connect & Journey

Grade 5 to Grade 12

The Upper School consists of three classes:

5th & 6th Graders: The Weavers Class taught by Deb Forsberg, Joan Thomas, Dan Wilson & Paige Flick

7th & 8th Graders: The Youth Connect Class will be taught by Andrew Barry.

High School Students : The Journey of Faith Class will be taught by Debbie Psilopoulos

Our Upper School Students are encouraged to attend the 10am service and their classes are held from 11:20-noon. They will have their own snacks in the downstairs meeting room, and will sometimes gather as a full group for organized activities. Our focus is on building a community of Christ, supporting our faith through Bible study, and serving others by working together.

Please register online for all classes so that we have contact information. There is no cost for attending. All are welcome!

Church School Registration

asc5Calling all parents!  Church School registration for preschool through high school is now open! Please click HERE to register your child(ren) for the 2015-2016 school year!  Classes begin Sunday, September 13th.
For more information on specific programs for each age group, please click here.

Do not hesitate to contact Debbie Collins, Church School Administrator, with any question or concerns by clicking here and choosing “Church School” in the “To Be Contacted” field.  Thank you!