Every week, on Saturday evenings, we believe we will receive a new starting clue from the mysterious!Leanna Thuniaz.  We will post it as a link in the clubhouse.  The clues will direct links or instructions to find links directly to sites that are safe to visit.  There will likely be a series of these link/puzzles each week.  Give it a try!  Maybe get an adult or older kid to help or just try it with you.  If your ARE an adult or older kid, consider having a younger kid help you.

The clubhouse has an email link you can use to send club leaders a note of your completion, any stories or pictures of your detective work and questions if you are really stumped.

We will take the clue we receive and any emails we receive, and send them all off to the ACME Detective Agency.  They promised us some help on Thursdays and maybe a little more on Sundays.  I think we’ll need it!

Most importantly, Follow the Summer Mystery Club – Social Distancing Edition – Rules:

  1.  Stay Together Safe
  2. Treat everyone with respect
  3. Have fun!

Summer Mystery Clubhouse
Stuck? Email a detective for help: