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Interim Rector’s Annual Report

Following the retirement of the Rev. William Bradbury, I arrived at All Saints’ the very next Sunday, February 9, 2020, which happened to be the Sunday of the annual meeting. I was delighted by what a healthy, vibrant, parish greeted me and was particularly impressed by the thriving church school, youth and adult choir programs, and a living stones campaign that kept the church better maintained than many parishes I have served in the past. I soon learned that there were two tasks before us that in themselves would be enough to challenge any parish, the search for the next rector and the replacement of beloved, longtime, music director, Maggie Marshall, whose administrative gifts extended far beyond the music programs. In short, in 2020 All Saints’ lost a great deal of the steady, reliable, leadership that made it much of what we know today. We, however, immediately drew up plans to set in motion a deliberate process to ensure that All Saints’ would not only find its next rector and organist and choirmaster, but thrive in the meantime by maintaining all the things that the members of All Saints’ love the most.

I had five wonderful weeks where I met many people at All Saints’ during the Wednesday and Sunday services. That was when we all began to understand that something was about to change our lives and the lives of everyone we know. Continue reading