The Endowment Fund is a separate fund or funds of All Saints’ Church. Its purpose is to enable the Parish to fulfill its mission more completely by developing its ministries beyond what is possible through its annual operating funds.

The Endowment Fund was created as part of the 2000 Capital Campaign, with generous bequeaths from the estates of Eleanor Parkhurst and Barbara Conlogue, and gifts from parishioners. The Endowment Fund is a perpetual fund. The Parish benefits from the fund through a yearly payout of a small percentage of the fund (3-5%) intended to be sustainable by income from Endowment Fund investments. That payout may only be applied to expenses outside of the normal operating budget (e.g.: updates and repairs to the facility, outreach ministries, and seed money for special one-time projects). Normal operational expenses of the Church (e.g.: salaries and utility bills) are paid for by Parishioner gifts principally raised through the pledging process.

The yearly payout of the Endowment Fund is quite modest. In order to grow that amount, the Endowment Fund relies on continuing gifts from Parishioners, e.g.:

  • Memorial gifts made at Christmas and Easter when you designate Endowment Fund
  • Any gifts made with the designation Endowment Fund – write “Endowment Fund”
    in the memo section of your check
  • Bequeaths made to the All Saints’ Episcopal Church Endowment Fund – see the Anna Eliza Hunt Society brochure. Please contact a member of the Endowment Committee and your estate planner for assistance in including the Church in your will.