• Provide support to the Clergy during different services throughout the year
  • Carry the Cross, Torches, and Dove
  • Assist with the Eucharist and other tasks as needed by and asked by Clergy
  • Help to lead the congregation during those services by participating as appropriate

Membership is open to all ages, nominally starting in 4th grade.  You should already be baptized (please talk to the rector or me if you are not yet).  The biggest issue is; can you sit through a service and follow it, while looking and acting like an angel?  We have had some that can do that earlier than 4th grade and the rector and I will consider those on a case-by-case basis.
We serve the Parish and each other by:

  • Meeting as needed by the Rector or the Acolyte Master for fellowship and training
  • Going on fun road trips, such the National Acolyte Festival some years
  • Worshiping Sundays at the 8 and 10 AM services
  • Other “special” events such as
    • Annual Service of Lessons and Carols,
    • Christmas and Holy Week services
    • Evensong
    • Weddings and Funerals as appropriate

Our first meeting and training will be scheduled once we find out what some schedules are and who we have for new Acolytes. In the meantime, if you’d like to sign up or to get more information:
Primary contact person: Bob Andrews, Acolyte Master. To contact, use the Contact Us form selecting “Acolyte Master” from the “To Be Contacted” pull-down menu.

Feel free to contact Bob Andrews, the rector, or Laura Marshall if you have any questions.