Realm Privacy

What is Realm?
Realm is a secure online tool for staff, members and regular attendees of All Saints.  Features include: 

  • A secure database for office use
  • Online church directory with photos
  • Tools for parish-wide and ministry group communication
  • Secure access to your personal giving history

Why use Realm Connect?
Using Realm Connect makes it easier for our church family to be in communication with each other beyond just Sunday mornings. Realm engages everyone in the life of our church by helping to support the ministries that are essential to our church. When we are able to share life together, it makes it possible for us to grow together.

What about my privacy?
Realm Connect is safe, private, and secure. Realm Connect is only made up of people from our own church family, not anyone else. This is not a social media site, it is a ministry tool that keeps your data safe and gives control over what information you share.  Realm uses bank-level encryption. Realm is part of ACS Technologies, which is the largest provider of church database software, serving over 40,000 clients, including a wide array of churches. Find more information about privacy settings here.

Privacy & Security Policy
ACS Technologies Group, Inc. (“ACST”) is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and the security of their data, especially those who access ACST sites (including without limitation,,, etc (Individually and collectively, the Sites) and corresponding services (the Sites and services are collectively referred to as the “Services”). Click here for the ACS Technologies privacy statement.



Browsers: For best results, keep your browser updated to the latest version. We recommend using the latest version of any of the following internet browsers. Are you using the latest browser? Go to to find out.

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari
    • Realm no longer works with IE (Internet Explorer).

Operating Systems: Some older operating systems cannot use the latest browser versions. If your operating system cannot use the latest version of your browser, update the operating system first. This will not only give you access to the best features in Realm, but will help ensure your security on the Internet. Out-of-date operating systems and browsers are far more vulnerable to attacks.