Welcome Everyone! 

By entering the clubhouse, you’ve become a Summer Mystery Clubber – Social Distancing Version!  That’s great news, because we need your help.  We have been sent a mystery to solve.  We’ve contacted the ACME Detective Agency to help us, but we need all clubbers to read The Mystery, Instructions and ACME Detective Agency links.  After that, follow the Clue and ACME report links until you believe you’ve discovered the solution!  When you do, you can use the email below to send in the solution.

And now it begins…

  1. Week 1 Clue!
  2. Week 2 Clue!!
  3. Week 3 Clue!!!
  4. Week 4 Clue !x4
  5. Week 5 Clue !!!!!
  6. Week 6 Clue !!x3 (FINAL!)

Email a Summer Mystery Club leader if you have a question or have seen the weekly ACME reports and are just stuck.  It happens!!  ASCSMC2020@gmail.com

ACME Communications List:

Det. B. Bruce, from ACME Detective Agency, has sent us a memo…check it out here…it might be helpful…or not?