Well, it appears these clues will keep coming.
I’ll keep forwarding to you!  – Anon


Another week, and here’s some news,
You Clubbers have some brand new clues!
Starting with music again, I think.
I’ll even be nice and give you
the link.

But what is next?  What’s the game?
If you don’t know yet, are you to blame?
Perhaps this clue is getting squishy.
It certainly is sounding quite fishy.

Speaking of fish, go take a peek,
a fish you know has a profile you seek.
In it is a link that hides,
Somewhere near “funny” on one of the sides.

Go look there now, be off with you.
You’ve got some detective work to do.

– Leanna Thuniaz

Detective Big Bruce

Summer Mystery Clubhouse
Stuck? Email a detective for help: ascsmc2020@gmail.com