Detective Big Bruce

Big Bruce is one of the smartest detectives at ACME.  His cases never flounder!  He doesn’t carp when assigned the toughest cases, and he never follows red herrings.  Bruce remains humble, “I’m just a minnow compared to the star detectives, not fit to perch with them.”  

EDUCATION: Bruce went to school to be a sturgeon, but was a bit walleyed and switched to criminal investigation.  “My sole intention is piloting cases well and spawning new business.”

BACKGROUND: “When I was just a shrimp, I was told a stories about my great great great Grampa – Really Big Brad. 

Really Big Brad and Jonah

I thought the story smelt!funny, but I guess its true.”  

“I was told R.B. Brad once swallowed a person whole!  The person didn’t go down at all.  R.B. Brad swam towards a beach, when there was a ray of light!  He opened his mouth and that person just walked out onto a beach.  For some reason, R.B. Brad began to understand everything he saw.  All his guppies have since been smart among fishes.”

AT ACME: ACME labs developed a device for underwater communications called the SPORK.. or Submerged Phone of Runcible Knowledge.  While testing it in our fish tank, we were shocked to find one of our fish (Big Bruce) is able to talk through it and is highly intelligent.  Big Bruce has been observing the lab and was immediately helpful solving cases.

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