If you’d like to support this ministry, there are many ways to do that – even if you don’t know which end of a hammer to hold!  Just email or phone the church office and let them know which of the activities below you’d like to help with.

If you’re god at organizing, you can:

  • Help plan and run a fundraising event
  • Help identify granting organizations and research grant requirements
  • Help to find qualified homeowners
  • Help to find partners to supply low cost building materials
  • Help organize build day snacks, lunches and the final celebration

If you like to cook, you can:

  • Prepare food for a fundraising event
  • Bring food to a coffe hour sponsored by RfN
  • Make lunches and other food for the build event

If you can write well, you can:

  • Write articles for the parish bulletin about RfN
  • Help to write grant applications
  • Write articles for newspapers or social media to publicize RfN

If you’re good at planning and handling details, you can:

  • Make building plans for the ramps
  • Work with Building Departments to apply for building permits
  • Help purchase store, and transport building materials

If you are good at building, you can HELP BUILD THE RAMP ON BUILD DAY!

If none of these options are for you but you’d still like to help, you can always donate money to RfN.  You can do  this by clicking here or on the “Give Online Today” button in any footer on this website. Select “Ramps for Neighbors” in the Fund field and fill out the info.  Thanks!

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