Church School Registration

If your child is pre-K to 6th grade: only fill out Church School Registration form and then hit submit. You should receive an email confirmation of your submission.

NEW THIS YEAR If your child is in the Upper School (grades 7-10) or the Youth Group (10-12): fill out a Church School Registration form  AND  the Course Preference form. (10-12th graders DO NOT need to select courses, unless they want to).

Be sure to use ALL FOUR DIGITS for the year in ALL date fields or the form submission will fail.

Registration for Church School 2017-2018

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Parent Involvement

All Saints’ Church School is a cooperative. We are run by volunteers and funded exclusively through donations to the church. We depend on your help to make it happen. Plus, it's lots of fun!  Below is a list of Special Events with tentative dates for the 2017-2018 year. Please indicate which event(s) you would be able to help with:

Upper School Course Preferences for Grades 7-10 & Youth Group Attendance for Grades 7-12

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If you are in grades 7-10, please indicate your course preferences for the 2017-2018 Church School Year. Students grades 11-12 are welcome to sign up for classes. We ask that all students consider joining the Youth Group.

For detailed course descriptions visit the Upper School Curriculum Page.

All  classes will be held on Sundays from 11:20- noon.

Choose one course per semester. All Students must take Introduction to the Episcopal Faith in this first year. It is offered twice. If your student will be absent for a semester, please indicate it on the form.

All students will participate in a LENTEN CLASS: March 4th- March 25th with Debbie Psilopolous, with the exception of the 9th/10th graders, who will be enrolled in pre-confirmation class with Rev. Bill.
We will try to honor all requests, but note that you may be placed in a class other than the one you asked for.

Please direct all questions about class placement to the Director or Religious Education, Laura Marshall, at