Welcome to All Saints’ Episcopal Church

10 Billerica Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824. Phone: 978-256-5673 (LORD)

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We are a welcoming community that seeks to follow Jesus Christ with all that we are and all that we have. Through worship, fellowship, education, and outreach we open ourselves to God and our neighbor.

Our Sunday worship services are at 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM in the main church. There is a staffed nursery for the 10:00 AM service. Church School begins at 9:45 AM. Wednesday worship is at noon in the chapel.  10 Billerica Rd. Chelmsford Center. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey of faith: we invite you to join us!


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Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols

Our annual service of Lessons and Carols will take place on Sunday, December 16, at 4p.m. All are welcome to hear the story of the birth of Jesus told through scripture and song. The Parish, B#, Disco Penguin, and Handbell Choirs have been preparing for this special service, which will also include plenty of congregational singing, and ends with the church bathed in candlelight.  We hope that you will find the time to center yourself and find the “reason for the season,” and feel free to bring a friend.

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Daily Prayers – “Forward Day By Day” online

Forward Day by Day is a booklet of daily inspirational meditations reflecting on a specific Bible passage, chosen from the daily lectionary readings as listed in the Revised Common Lectionary or the Daily Office from the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer.

You can get access to it online online, or you can sign up for an email subscription.

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Parking reminder

Access is a key part of our inclusion and welcoming at All Saints’.
With winter weather upon us, we’d like to remind parishioners of our handicapped parking opportunities. This is especially important in bad weather, but it applies all year.
There are several marked handicapped spots near the handicapped ramp and also by the parish hall and office entrances. Please remember that these parking spots are intended for people who need close access when they come to church. NO handicapped placard or license plate is required. (All Saints’ is private property, the police will not tow.) If you need it, please use it. Likewise, if you don’t need it, please leave it free for someone who does.
Additionally, we recommend that the hill in front of the church be used for parking by those who need closer access. For example, those that find it difficult to climb the hill from the parking lot. We appreciate your consideration for one another each week.

Sermon: Advent 2–A part for us in the Universal Story?


Advent 2—Year C–December 9, 2018

William Bradbury

Baruch 5:1-9, Canticle 4 or 16, Philippians 1:3-11, Luke 3:1-6

There have been times when I believed the gospel, the Good News, was  a series of theological assertions strung together like Christmas tree lights. Other times I’ve believed the good news was like platitudes on a Hallmark Card that we send to our neighbors every Christmas to show what nice and inoffensive people we are. Both understandings make the gospel so small! But when we actually read, say, the Gospel according to Luke, we find first and foremost, that The good news is a universal story of how God enters this world in Jesus in order to set all things right. Continue reading

Christmas memorial gifts

The poinsettias surrounding the altar on Christmas represent the memorial gifts of parishioners in remembrance of loved ones. You may also donate to the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund or to the ‘In Thanksgiving For’ category that we are adding this year for donations to the Endowment Fund in memory of a loved one.  The names of all those remembered will appear in the Christmas service leaflets.

The donation page is here along with details:

2018 poinsettia


Church School Notices for Dec. 9th

All Church School Classes are meeting this Sunday.

Colors of Christ, Godly Play and Weavers are meeting at their regular time and place.

The kids in grades 7-10 will either be helping with the Pageant and need to check in with Elizabeth Danieli in the Colors of Christ room, or attending the Service and Learning Class in the Cranberry Room with Deb Forsberg. Both activities start at 11:15 and end at noon.

Pageant Rehearsal is this Sunday from 11:20-noon. Check the PAGEANT bulletin board for specific directions.

ADVENT doesn’t mind if you missed a week- you can still join in! You can pick up one of our ADVENT calendars to take home and a ADVENT FOOD DRIVE grocery bag. Both can be found in the Narthex.

We will have programming for the kids on Sunday, Dec. 30th. We will be having a Christmas Story Time in the Godly Play room for kids of all ages!