We have a new bishop!


Last Saturday a great crowd of Episcopalians gathered at the Agganis Center at Boston University to witness and celebrate the consecration of Alan McIntosh Gates as the 16th Bishop of the Diocese of Massachusetts.

All Saints’ Choir, led by Maggie Marshall, joined the 640-strong mass choir to lead the music and our bell choir, led by Debbie Psilopoulos, played a wonderful piece during the procession.

Bishop Shaw, our bishop for twenty years, was a co-consecrator and received two heart-felt ovations in thanksgiving for his faithful leadership. Once Bishop Gates was consecrated Bishop Shaw, who is suffering from brain cancer, retired from active ministry.

The thought that kept occurring to me during this glorious three hour service was that this is true worship: lay people, deacons, priests, and bishops joining together hearts, minds, and wills to praise God in Christ who is present in the Spirit.

I believe Bishop Gates will be a loving, thoughtful, and committed servant leader. He does not take himself too seriously as befits a man who takes God seriously and trusts in Christ.

You can see some great pictures at http://diomass.org/multimedia/gallery/ordination-and-consecration-rt-rev-alan-m-gates

Please keep Bishop Shaw in your prayers for healing, and pray for Bishop Gates and our diocesan community as we enter this new phase of our journey together as disciples of Messiah Jesus.

Peace in Christ,