Blessing of the Pets: Sunday October 4th at 10 AM

From our Priest In Charge

On Sunday October 4th we will be celebrating our annual Blessing of the Pets at the 10 am service, as we remember St. Francis and his call to see God’s Presence in all creation. In our busyness we sometimes lose this awareness and even think not of a divine creation but of a secular or even hostile nature as something to be conquered or at least controlled. But Genesis 1 reminds us that we are embedded in the story of Original Blessing in which the Creator blesses everything and everyone. This means, as I quoted Sunday: “If God is Trinity, and Jesus is the face of God, then we live in a benevolent universe.” (Richard Rohr) So, bring your dogs, cats, chickens, hamsters, rabbits, fish, and whatever else is a pet in your home to our Creation Sunday Celebration. (After receiving a blessing at Grace Church, New Bedford, a Rhode Island Red laid extra large eggs the following week! I know this because the owner shared the eggs with my family.) Don’t miss the celebration: “God for us, we call you Father. God alongside us, we call you Jesus. God within us, we call you Holy Spirit.” (Richard Rohr)

Peace in Christ,