Church School Notices for Dec. 9th

All Church School Classes are meeting this Sunday.

Colors of Christ, Godly Play and Weavers are meeting at their regular time and place.

The kids in grades 7-10 will either be helping with the Pageant and need to check in with Elizabeth Danieli in the Colors of Christ room, or attending the Service and Learning Class in the Cranberry Room with Deb Forsberg. Both activities start at 11:15 and end at noon.

Pageant Rehearsal is this Sunday from 11:20-noon. Check the PAGEANT bulletin board for specific directions.

ADVENT doesn’t mind if you missed a week- you can still join in! You can pick up one of our ADVENT calendars to take home and a ADVENT FOOD DRIVE grocery bag. Both can be found in the Narthex.

We will have programming for the kids on Sunday, Dec. 30th. We will be having a Christmas Story Time in the Godly Play room for kids of all ages!