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Pledge campaign request…

Hi fellow parishioners! We are blessed by your generosity in pledging financially to All Saints’ each year.

By now, everyone should have received pledge packets, and sent in pledge cards with the amount you are offering for 2014.

We have received many pledge cards back, but unfortunately, there are over 100 folks who haven’t returned a pledge card yet. The pledge amount for next year is used by the vestry to come up with next year’s budget, so it’s extremely important for folks to return the pledge cards (even if the amount is $0).

So if folks could check to see if your pledge card was sent in, and if not, please send it this week if possible. If you’ve lost your pledge card or are new to the parish and didn’t receive one, just send Darlene an email or call the church office – no physical pledge card is necessary.

And thanks to everyone for your offerings to All Saints’. Your gifts allow the parish life to continue with ABUNDANCE!

Steve Grillo, Erik Forsberg, and Scott Bempkins


As ALL of us know, the parish hall has had one LOUD problem since the hugely successful renovation almost 10 years ago. That problem is SOUND. WAY TOO MUCH SOUND. It’s hard to hear, it’s loud, and makes gatherings in the parish hall much more difficult than they should be.

Well, after many years of living with this, the long-anticipated acoustic solution has been installed! We will never have a library-like space (not with maple floors and wood ceiling and large windows), but the improvement is significant.

I’d like to thank all of those who generously donated to this cause, as it will make gatherings much more pleasant for many years to come, for both parishioners, and all of the many groups who use the space.

In the old space, I’d say THANK YOU!!!

But in the new space, hopefully it comes out with a much more gentle… thank you

Steve Grillo and Susan Gates