The Gallagher family were members of All Saints’ for many years in the 1950s and 60s.  John passed away, a young family man, in 1960.  All Saints’ planted a tree and placed a plaque in John’s memory on Arbor Day in 1961, with the Rev. Paul Twelves leading the dedication service.  Myles Hogan, Chelmsford’s Tree Warden at the time and founder of Community Tree Services, planted the tree.  The Gallagher “kids” still make a point of visiting the memorial from time to time.

The root growth and time raised the ground around the plaque by 4 inches.  It was buried or recessed for a number of years.  The plaque was uncovered around 2012 and has been a marker used by the Mystery Club at times.  The plan is to raise the plaque to where it will be visible.

In 2017, All Saints’ had to remove the iconic Norway Maple tree that graced the area just left of the chapel door for 56 years.  The tree’s roots were undermining the parking lot, pushing into the chapel foundation and running in the walls of the Thrift Shop.  The time had arrived to repair the Thrift Shop and parking lot, so the tree and plaque were removed. 

In 2019, a new smaller tree was planted.  The plaque is now facing part of our front drive where parishioners walk past on their way to the church doors.