Answers to some questions about the planned system below.  If you have questions that are not answered here, please email Brian Hunter.

Our Live Streaming Plan:

    1. Is operated by one parishioner during the service.
    2. Provides high quality audio and video from existing microphones and three camera positions.
    3. Includes a dedicated PC and software to live digitally produce, live stream and record services.
    4. Includes three PC controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras that allow automatic shifts to preset positions.
    5. Provides the ability to smoothly change camera angles to avoid long static sequences.
    6. Allows smoothly playing pre-recorded video clips (slideshows of images before and/or after services, blended into in-service music and during communion)
    7. Rarely shows parishioners faces.
    8. Covers the entire front altar area and choir loft.
    9. Supports adding titles, information bars for music information and half or full screen text.
    10. Allows split screens if desired.
    11. Includes hard wiring all components to avoid signal disruptions.
    12. Supports additional audio and video inputs if desired.
    13. Includes minimal lighting changes.
    14. Includes a workstation in the back corner of the choir loft.
    15. Uses existing microphones and sanctuary speakers.

Live Streaming