The Task List will be updated at least weekly.  This initial version is an outline of the various sections we must make plans for and who is assigned..

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SEC # Task Owner Date Notes
00Init 0 Initial Activities Brian H    
01Com 0 Communications Brian H    
02BT 0 Build Team, Contact list Brian H    
03SVY 0 Survey Laura B    
04TS 0 Transition Schedule, Readiness ALL    
05LTY 0 Liturgy Rev. Paul    
06OL 0 On-Line Production Lauras, Current    
07EN 0 Enforcement, Ushers & Greeters      
08Prep 0 Facility Cleaning, Prep, B&G      
09BR 0 Bathrooms      
10Flow 0 Entry, Seating and Exit Flow      
11AG 0 Altar Guild      
12ALY 0 Acolytes      
13MU 0 Music Carl K    
14RD 0 Readers      
15Reg 0 Registration      
16SO 0 Order of Service