“Let There Be Light!” – All Saints Photography Exhibition – September 16, 17

Guidelines for Exhibitors

  1. Exhibition is open to every All Saints’ photographer of any skill level
  2. Recommended number of submissions per person is 6-8 photographs, maximum 10
  3. Deadline for submitting photographs is September 5
  4. Entering is free but there are 4 display options:
    1. Free – You send a digital file that you want included in the event as part of a digital slideshow. 
    1. Free – You drop a printed image in the office.  It can be framed or in a sleeve, matted or not.  If it is 8×10 and not sleeved, we will put it in a sleeve for protection.
    1. $2.50 per 8×10 or smaller that you provide digitally and would like us to print.  We will have them printed and put the print in a sleeve.  You will receive the print and sleeve after the event.
    1. $2.50 per 8×10 or smaller print that you would like in a matte and larger sleeve.  We will provide a nice matte and sleeve for display and will return them to you after the event.  This would be a total of $5.00 for both 8×10 to print and matte.
  5. Submissions larger than 8×10 will be displayed as-is and unprotected
  6. Optionally, but recommended:  Provide with each image submitted:
  7. Title of photograph
  8. Photographer’s name (and age if child or teen)
  9. Equipment used and settings (ISO, exposure, focal length, etc.)
  10. Optionally, but recommended: Provide an artist’s statement saying whatever you want about your work: what you are trying to achieve, your vision, particular photographic interest areas, and so on.
  11. No price tags please. This is not a sale, although you are free to make sales 1-1 with people approaching you about purchasing your work.
  12. Be advised that unless you specify otherwise, all images displayed in the exhibition will also be included in a slide show on the All Saints website, and/or used in on-line streaming of worship services.