Information from Molly’s aunt:

As we are all learning to adapt to the challenges of social distancing, i think we also become more aware of the “little things” in life that we sometimes overlook. Time. Time with family, making memories, filled with smiles and laughter, as we all learn to adapt, and perhaps appreciate a little more of life’s “simple” things. Let’s not focus on the struggles or challenges this epidemic has posed to our lives, but instead, let’s count our blessings and teach our generation what it means to be supportive and kind to others.

As most of you know, Molly’s third birthday is fastly approaching, and if any little girl deserves BIG Birthday Wishes, it’s this amazing angel!

 On Sunday, May 24th at 10am we will have a short driveby parade, where all vehicles, will be able to stop for five seconds ONLY, in front of Molly’s home, so that she knows how special she is!

 The Tyngsborough Police department will guide the processions of vehicles by Molly’s house. Please put your hazards on as you leave the parking lot and try to stay close so that vehicles do not get broken up, as traffic gets busy over the bridge.

Since oncoming traffic will be held, so that we are able to get closer to the driveway, we need to move rather quickly in front of Molly’s home, as to not hold up traffic for too long.

We encourage home made signs, that can be held up or attached to the DRIVERS side of the vehicle, where Molly and Family will be able to see. After turning right onto Wicasee, there is a parking lot that you can pull to if you need to remove signs, if not, please continue on.

Also, please be prompt in meeting at 9:45 Flints Corner Plaza in Tyngsboro Ma (150 Westford Road) as we will leave prompty at 10am.

In lieu of gifts, as we cannot risk the saftey of Molly’s health, we ask that you do not hold or drop any presents during this visit. We will instead, be making a donation to the Tyngsborough Police Department and Fire Department in Molly’s name.

We hope to see you all there and we appreciate your continued support.