Lastly, we need Clubbers to help analyze this picture for a list of suspicious stuff.  All good detectives notice details.  When you’ve found everything on this list follow the link at the bottom.  The list:

  1. A big red hat 
  2. A blue drink
  3. A blue bag
  4. Bubbles
  5. A man with a camera
  6. Torn jeans
  7. A toddler being held up high
  8. Flowers
  9. A pink floppy hat
  10. A child holding a doll
  11. Watermelon hats
  12. Man with a red ball nose
  13. A Hawaiian shirt
  14. A woman with a camera 
  15. A big blue hat
  16. A unicorn
  17. A baseball cap worn backwards
  18. A 3-eyed cartoon alien
  19. A Stem Academy T-shirt
  20. A bicycle helmet
  21. Allura Salon and Spa
  22. Darth Vader
  23. A red shoe
  24. A blue bag
  25. A Stanley Cup Champion hat

I got them all!

Summer Mystery Clubhouse
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