All Saints’ has hosted a wide variety of groups over the years.  These include Girls Friendly Society, Men’s Club, Singles Group, Cancer Support Group and many, many more.  Being a community minded organization with flexible facilities continues to make this possible.  One interesting Group is the League of Women Voters.  Our archives include a few clippings from the group.

The League of Women Voters was founded on Feb 14, 1920 – just six months before the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution gave women the right to vote.  The LWV remains active to this day.

Interestingly, All Saints’ removed the “male” requirement for voting membership in 1919.

Notice that in 1959, all the LWV members were listed using their husband’s first names.

Originally, even though Anna Eliza Hunt founded the Sunday School and services that became All Saints’ and was the church property owner briefly, she was not allowed to be a church trustee.  She was not allowed to vote at All Saints’ annual meetings.  If given the opportunity, she probably would have enjoyed belonging to this LWV group.