Are you being called to be a Safe Church Advocate?

The job of the Safe Church Advocate is to sit and observe the Sunday School classroom in order to provide a third adult so no one adult is left alone with children. This keeps everyone, adults and children, safe.  Safe Church Advocates arrive in the classroom at 9:45 am and stay in the classroom until the Peace, when everyone goes upstairs for the Eucharist (if you are concerned about missing the sermon, you can catch up on them later online, where they can be found in both written and oral form). This easy role is essential for fulfilling our duties as educators for Christ and as community following Safe Church Policy.

We are still looking for church members to fill SCA roles for this year! If you are interested or have questions, please let me know! Send me an email or see me after church!

You can also contact me using the Contact Us page, choosing “Church School” from the “To be contacted” pull-down menu.