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November 8 Adult Forum on Planning Your Funeral/Memorial Service

Last fall, we had a workshop where we worked on hospital directives and other documents associated with end of life choices. On Sunday, November 8 at 11:30, Reverend Bill, Minister of Music, Maggie Marshall, and hospital chaplain, Lynne Grillo would like to help you plan your memorial service/funeral. Most of us have ideas about what we’d like at our final service, but very few of us actually commit these thoughts to paper. Loved ones left behind are often at a loss about what would be appropriate music and scripture selections. We have a worksheet that helps to spell out all of ones choices, and we would love to be able to fill a folder in the church office with plans for future celebrations of life.

Forum: On the Trinity–May 31, 2015


The Strong Name of the Trinity

Trinity Sunday

William Bradbury

May 31, 2015

(This is the hand-out for the forum)

A distressing image: On May 27, 1995, twenty years ago this past Wednesday, Christopher Reeve was thrown from his horse as it refused the third jump at a race in Culpepper, Virginia, shattering his first and second vertebrae. The fall resulted in a cervical spinal injury that paralyzed him from the neck down. (Wikipedia)

I. When the spinal cord is severely damaged then the body no long works.

          I want to suggest that the spinal cord of redemption is the incarnation of Jesus Christ Continue reading

June 7 Sunday Forum

A friend asks you: “I know you go to church, so could you please tell me what the good news is?” How would you answer that question? How does the New Testament answer it? Rev. Bill Bradbury will be using N. T. Wright’s new book Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good to help us answer our friend and encourage ourselves because of what God has done for us in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Forum for May 31

It has been said that many Christians today are functional Unitarians in their understanding of God. When the doctrine of the Trinity is seen as only a pious and quaint abstraction then we lose the spinal cord of redemption — the incarnation of Jesus Christ. We also lose any meaningful understanding of the power of the sacraments. In this forum led by Rev. Bradbury, we will explore what a recovery of Trinitarian spirituality can mean for life and ministry.

Sunday Forum for May 17

Why do you think that Jesus taught in parables? Do parables induce you to ask new questions? Do parables too oft repeated lose their edge? Come and join the discussion this Sunday, led by Harry Taplin.

Sunday Forum for 1-25

This week’s topic is ”Are we Charlie”, led by Matt Hickcox. Reaction to terrorist attacks is changing. Are we finally getting to the point where we can have a meaningful dialog? How has the world’s response to attacks by religious extremists, from  9/11 to the recent attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, differed? How should Christians react?