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To assist clergy at the altar during services

Vestry Contact:

Cina Barker, Melissa Thompson


Acolyte Master Bob Andrews 978-244-0163
Acolyte Master Emeritus Clem Cole 978-244-0163


Acolyte Master

  • Coach and mentor youth in acolyte tasks and responsibilities
  • Schedule acolytes at all services. Distribute schedule to acolytes, Rector,
    Director of Music and Parish Administrator.


August 15

Distribute acolyte schedule for fall
(Labor Day through New Year’s)

December 15

Distribute acolyte schedule for winter
(New Year’s through Easter)

March 15

Distribute acolyte schedule for spring
(Easter through End of School)

June 15

Distribute acolyte schedule for summer
(End of School through Labor Day)

As Needed

Occasional training and meetings



Useful Info:

Acolyte responsibilities

  • Light the candles on the altar.
  • Lead the processional and recessional.
  • Lead the Gospel procession.
  • Distribute the offering plates to the Ushers.
  • Assist the Celebrant in setting the altar for the Eucharist.
  • Assist the Celebrant in clearing the altar after the Eucharist.
  • Assist with both Sunday services.
  • Assist at funerals and weddings as requested by clergy