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Environmental Stewardship/Creation Care Team


The Environmental Stewardship group provides parish leadership in theological programs that focus on the spirituality of stewarding the earth. The committee oversees grants and programming that focus on environmental action and education. The Environmental Stewardship programs work toward long term planning that aims to improve the environmental efficiency of the ASC facilities, as well as nurture and support parishioner’s ability to live out their charge as environmental stewards and creation caretakers.

Vestry Contact:

Paige Flick


Convener Pamela Landi 978-761-5639
Environmental Stewardship Liaison – Outreach Laura Marshall 978-256-1460
Creation Care Contact – MIPL/Diocesan Laura Marshall 978-256-1460
Member Dave Kuzara 617-515-6708
Member David Shochat 978-290-0412
Member Lois Freeman 978-808-3006
Member David Eckhoff 978-256-9618
Member David Moore 978-256-1150
Member Rebecca Haberl 978-758-4816
Member Nicolas Charbonnier
Member Paige Flick 978-758-6955



Schedules meetings and announces them via email

Creation Care Contact

  • Point of contact between diocese and Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light
  • Acts as primary contact for Diocesan grants related to Environmental Stewardship.


  • Plan and run Environmental Stewardship events
  • Prepare and run Environmental Stewardship educational programs
  • Prepare and update long term environmental plans for parish facilities

Responsibility is shared in this group. Leadership responsibilities are rotating depending on the project. The Convener is central organizer who helps to find and recruit project leaders. Administrative details like minutes, agenda, meeting facilitator, annual report, web page administrator and grant lead is often prepared by Convener, but these responsibilities may also be distributed and shared among the committee members. The liaison positions are primarily communicative, being a central point of contact between other significant administrative bodies.


January 7

Submit report for Annual Report

January 30

Prepare plan for spring activities including Earth Day

February 1

Review job description and update if needed

June 22

Prepare plan for fall activities including Creation Care Sunday
October 7 Submit budget request for next year


Outreach page on ASC website

Useful Info:

Meetings are held last Tuesday of the month for ~1.5 hour in the Blue Room. Committee participants are encouraged to attend, but can expect meeting notes to circulate within a week or two of the meeting. The committee is committed to projects that are both short term and longer term and may host several events during the year. Program integration with other fellowship events and congregational opportunities is encouraged. Time commitment can vary depending on the active goals.